CVS is a condition that occurs because of uninterrupted work on digital screens, this highlights an imbalanced and frantic indulgence of body and mind in digital usage. Taking breaks and embracing precautionary measures can avoid this health issue

What is computer vision syndrome?

It is a health condition that arises from prolonged exposure to digital screens, glaring on it continuously with no interruption causes this health situation. The eye muscles pain very bad and it doesn’t allow one to even sleep properly which rather messes the situation making a vicious circle. There are many symptoms of this Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) like severe headaches, dry eyes, and irritation in the eyes, blurred vision, and pain in the neck because of unrest, eye strain, eye fate, lower concentration and even worse like macular degeneration.

There have to be some ways out to fight this problem, three of the very important points to remember if you want to keep computer vision syndrome at a distance:

  1. Cut the glaring time on-screen
  • It is a matter of fact that most of the eye damage occurs during the developmental stages of life that are until the first 20 years of your life.

  • One can begin instilling a habit of taking breaks while watching TV, surfing on a tablet or a computer screen. It should be mandatory to move about in the room to have a glass of water as a break time and come back to the screen.
  • The virtual set up should not be able to create stickiness making you so stern to even blink your eye while on a digital platform.
  1. Buy Oiamik’s anti-blue light glasses
  • If you have kids, instill a habit of wearing the anti-glare and blue cut lenses while working on the system. The digital screens emit harmful blue light waves which cause extreme health conditions.

  • If you work in an office where you have to devote most of the day on a laptop, then Oiamik’s Blue light filter glasses for a computer can be a great choice to make. This would be a wise step to stop you from giving in to a serious health issue like CVS.
  • Make sure that the glasses you invest in are as light as a feather made of TR90 material which won’t feel heavy on your nose and temples making it rather a tough situation for you.
  1. Balance your work (digital) and personal (non-digital) life well
  • It is crucial to draw a line somewhere when it comes to devoting hours on digital platforms. Do not spend unnecessary digital time playing games as a time-pass, when you can take your eyes off it or indulge in reading.
  • It does happen we sometimes don’t feel like working and take a break from it. This ‘break’ should be a break away from the shackles of the ‘screen’. You could rather devote that time to close your eyes and relax.

  • Both kids and adults should be inculcated in a habit of mixing on-screen work with off-screen work. Alternate hours can be devoted to working on digital platforms and the next hour can be utilized with off-screen errands like documentation, written work or a tea-break.

This way if a balanced, as well as a precautionary approach, is implemented in daily life, then many health problems can be controlled, CVS being very common can be tackled by wearing good quality computer glasses specially made to absorb the blue light high energy waves present in all the digital sources of light.