The preventive measures ensure that eye-health would improve substantially. The small efforts can be accommodated easily in daily life for a better way of living. Blue light eye damage must be avoided at all stages of life beginning from early years only.

Landing at an eye-wear store would mean you wish to invest in a good quality eye-accessory, but at the same time, it is crucial to make a wise choice by knowing which type of glass one is buying. Most people buy UV protection but fail to buy the gear you need to battle down harmful blue light waves present in the atmosphere. To stop blue light eye damage it is essential to take some preventive measures for a healthier way of living:

  1.    Cutting down the screen time when not essential

Of course in today’s times of corporate the major part of the day goes into online conferences, surfing through websites, e-mailing, social media, etc. But also there are times when the longevity of it can be cut down by dividing some tasks f the day which you could do off-screen.

It is all about prioritizing what you do at the screen, for example after finishing work some people spend their free time on their phones/tablets by surfing through social media sites or playing games. So, this time should be cut and instead, you could go for a tea break or a chat with a colleague or a friend in the office.

  1.    Avoid using digital devices before you go to sleep

It is very important to know where to put a stop at the end of the day. Coming from a tiring day at work or school where you have already devoted a number of hours to a screen, you should now sit and chat with the family or read a book. Flipping through a newspaper or reading a book is always better than scrolling through e-papers before you sleep so that the formation of melatonin isn’t disturbed.

  1.    Make a lifestyle change by using a pair of blue-cut glasses

In the present era, it is crucial to adopt some changes in lifestyle if you and computers are inseparable. Using blue light filter glasses for the computer is a cool idea and especially for the children in the elementary years. 

This alteration in lifestyle is a positive one because of the kind of health it promises you.

The resin material with yellow-green combination absolutely absorbs the harmful blue-light waves which stop eye-fatigue and related severe issues.

  1.    Make use of the technology in your phone

To cut the exposure to the harmful blue light one should make the use of technology, in every good smartphone these days the companies have installed the feature of reading mode. This creates a protective screen where the exposure to blue light is lessened than before. This feature also acts as a great help just like wearing blue light blocking reading glasses.

  1.    Use a lightweight frame while working

It is essential to go for lightweight glasses that are made of TR 90 material and don’t weigh heavy on noses and ears. In case you wear a heavily loaded pair of spectacles then it will hamper your work because you will get a headache because of its weight.

Oiamik glasses here become the best computer glasses blue light blocking tool as well as the best weapon to eliminate the enemy shaped as blue light waves.