The effective ways have been listed below which highlight the significance of wearing the glasses while using digital media, these effective ways would render a better lifestyle curing headaches caused by blue light waves.

Can you avoid digital media? Do you wish to imagine writing on paper and not working on a word document on your laptop? Would you like to go back to the era where there is no ‘1-sec’ email but ‘2-day speed mail’? Well, life is impossible this way, you can never imagine it without quick use of technology where every file rests safely cryptic in the virtual folder than putting it all in huge stacks and locking the whole room for privacy.

If we cannot do anything without the digital devices and every activity is screen dependent then it becomes our duty to look at our ophthalmic health too, thus should start by regularly wearing blue light filter glasses for computer. These glasses by Oiamik are made of a wonderful resin material with a yellow-green lens capable of cutting the harmful blue light.

Why do screen headaches occur?

The screen headache is a condition that arises from our lifestyle flaws, where we do not take necessary precautionary steps for maintaining good eye health. The biggest flaw- is not wearing suitable eyeglasses which will act as a shield between the computer screens and your naked eyes.

The frequent and continuous exposure to the screens would mean constant disclosure to the strong blue light waves which are present in the digital source you are looking at. This phenomenon can adversely affect the eyes causing weakness in the eye muscles.

The eye muscles get weak because the harmful high energy blue light waves constantly attack the retina of the eye. This makes the situation even worse with time, as headaches and eye-fatigue occur.

What can be done to avoid screen headaches?

Wearing Oiamik anti-blue glasses

  • Made of a special combination of the yellow-green lens this is capable of cutting the blue light waves which can severely damage eyes and vision too, in the long run. 
  • The screen emits harmful waves that can be only absorbed by these special computer glasses buy Oiamik, which are also competent enough to block UV400 rays.

Reducing the screen time

  • It is a crucial step that should be taken in daily life; it is to avoid looking at the screen without blinking an eye.
  • Regular breaks from the screen should be taken, call it a tea break or a short while away in the fresh air outside the technology zone.
  • Closing your eyes or getting a splash of cold water on your eyes can be very relaxing and can add great respite to your eye-muscles from the busy schedule of work.
  • This habit should be specially inculcated in the younger generation who is fond of on-screen activities on laptops, tablets, and i-pads. Since, the first 20 years of eye-health are the most developmental, the manifestation of screen-time routine shall be worked upon.

Buying lightweight glasses for an easy-going lifestyle

  • Making your eye-glasses your skin is great. Say ‘No’ working without glasses while on a digital device. If they will be light and feather-like then it will give you a very smooth experience of wearing them, thus encouraging the habit.

  • The Oiamik lenses are the best blue light filter glasses that are made of such a flexible material which is also known for its zero weight, thus never falls on your nose and ear-lobes.
  • This high-end material will not cause any headache because it weighs nothing, thus suitable for all ages and face shapes too.

With the above information, it is clear that Oiamik glasses are protective against headache, depression and it also restricts the blue lights which come directly to your eyes.