The range of Oiamik glasses is wonderful because they are not just accessories but super-protective when you sit in front of a digital platform. These glasses ensure a better life with a boosted productivity both personally and professionally.

A hectic day at the office and a mundane personal life are some common symptoms of a discouraging way of living. Even at work feeling low has been spreading in the air. Well, ever thought what could be the reasons? A constant stretch of work at a computer can do this to you and would make you feel tired earlier than usual especially if you have been straining your eyes.

The protective shield like a pair of anti-blue light glasses is the correct way to protect your eyes from the high-intensity blue light waves. Working on a computer constantly can make the eyes muscles vulnerable to fatigue and constant pain. Even a health condition with frequent headaches which further take a turn as migraine also arises. Therefore, an effective tool to combat the side effects is blue light glass.

How would exposure to blue light waves affect productivity?

  • It is sure that not wearing these special glasses cause eye fatigue and weaken the eye muscles, which will directly alter the attention span of an individual.

  • A shortened or distracted span of attention will make a person more anxious about his/her work leading to stress.
  • This stress further takes a toll on a person and makes the person intrinsically demotivated to perform a better function at work, therefore lowering down productivity.
  • This low level of productivity means a bad attitude towards work which will not be a favorable situation to live in. However, the question is, why compromise with your health and live in an unwanted situation?

What is the solution to boost your productivity, especially at work?

  • To boost one’s productivity, one has to work towards increasing the concentration span while on a digital platform. This parameter can be improved along with many other physical factors at the workplace.
  • It is important to also take small breaks from the digital media to relax so that your ophthalmic health isn’t affected adversely. 
  • Wearing Oiamik’s blue light protection glasses can come to your rescue because the same is built for a trouble-free digital experience on laptops, computers, tablets, and phones.

  • These filter glasses are made of a special resin material that has a great capacity to battle the harmful blue light waves coming from the digital devices. These glasses ensure that they also save you from the UV400 rays present in the natural sunlight.
  • These glasses have been made with a special thermoplastic TR90 material which is so light that it feels like your skin, therefore not making you feel that you are burdening your nose or ears.
  • This way, your eyes will be 100% protected from the harmful rays and won’t exhaust you at all. Therefore, boosting your concentration span and resulting productivity in both personal as well as professional facets of life.

A boosted productivity will fetch you many pats on the back thus increasing your confidence and making you feel less stressed at work. The good results are inevitable if you make this slight lifestyle change by adapting to these super tools in the form of blue light blocking reading glasses. Therefore, it can be said, that Oiamik’s range is the one full of the best blue blockers!