Blue light waves have severe effects on health like ophthalmic issues and disturbed sleeping patterns. Sleep deprivation leads to many hormonal issues that accelerate the aging process in the body. Therefore, blue light waves have a chain reaction and its repercussions cannot be avoided without using a preventive tool.

Blue light waves are common to be emitted out of all the digital devices; they are the ones with the shortest wavelength and highest energy levels. These lights can be extremely harmful to the naked eye when your screen time is continuous and acquires most of your day. The blue light effects on the eyes are severe that may cause eye fatigue, dryness in eyes, watery eyes, even long term issues like macular degeneration if the preventive measures are avoided.

Similarly, hormonal issues would be common to rise as the long working hours on computers without a preventive measure would mean that your physical, as well as mental health, would be affected. Well, let’s talk about varied health problems like aging and hormonal issues that might arise as a result of blue light exposure:

  • Sleep deprivation is the biggest problem which one faces because of high exposure to the blue light waves.
  • Sleep deprivation is frequent because when the exposure to the computer screens is high it causes headaches and eye-fatigue which makes sleep difficult to come.
  • When a day’s sleep is lost, it has a straight effect on the next day’s sleeping pattern too. This way it becomes a vicious circle and the sleeping patterns get distracted.
  • Sleep is a very important factor to keep metabolism healthy, the working of the whole body is disturbed when sleep isn’t enough.
  • Hence, blue light health effects further reflect in hormonal disparity caused by irregular sleep. And the resulting, Hormonal imbalances can affect every part and organ of the body from functioning as they normally should.
  • The consequences are often seen as skin problems like acne breakouts, wrinkles, pigmentation, hair problems like thin hair and falling hair, dark circles, headache, etc. which make your physical appearance older than you are. This is a symptom of aging, thus, one should focus to avoid hormonal imbalances. 

  • If the root cause of all these problems is seen, it will undoubtedly be direct contact with the blue light waves coming from a screen. So, wearing computer glasses while working on digital media is the one solution.

Since we have seen the factors which cause aging and hormonal issues, now we must also throw some light on the parameters which can help to keep our health fine and well on track:

Making use of Oiamik blue light blocking glasses

  • Oiamik glasses have been designed keeping in mind the efficacy of the yellow-green lens to keep away the blue light waves from thrashing the retina of the eye.

  • These glasses are capable to absorb them and even avoid the UV 4OO rays present in the atmosphere. 

What makes these glasses the best?

  • Blue light blocking glasses by Oiamik is a wise choice to invest in because they are made of high-quality lenses that are long-lasting and highly effective.
  • They are made of special lightweight glasses and frames which stick to your eyes as your skin and don’t feel like a burden on your nose.

  • These glasses come with a lifetime breakage warranty and this confidence in the product speaks of its quality and service.

With the above information, it is clear that these blue light glasses not only avoid a fast-aging and choosing the best brand is also equally important to ensure the complete protection of your eyes.