The article talks about how the color dynamics work when a light source reflects or emits light to the onlookers. The whole working of colors and blue light filters is an interesting area of study and show how the latter is necessary for keeping the eye-health intact.

To understand the play of colors, one should know that a color is just a wavelength that our eyes can catch out of the visible light for the human eye. Light is a form of energy radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Only radiation between 780nm- 380 nm can be detected by a human eye and therefore at different wavelengths, different colors can be seen from the visible light. 

This visible light comes from both natural as well as digital sources. Well, there are solutions to this problem which start from making slight changes in the daily lifestyle and adapting to appropriate glasses. To block the harmful portion of light, how do you know if blue light glasses work? Well, this shall be highlighted further:

What is blue light and how is it harmful?

Blue light is that part of the visual spectrum that lies between 450nm-495nm. Apart from the largest source which is the sun, there are many considerable sources of light like fluorescent lighting (eg: CFLs), LED lights (most common these days, eg: phones display, TV display, computers, etc.), tablets, i-pads and so on.

The high energy blue light waves are dangerous for the eye if the exposure is constant and frequent. There have been shreds of evidence that all blue light passes through the cornea and reaches retina which damages the eye-health by causing premature aging of the eye.

What are blue-light filters and how do colors appear once they are filtered?

There is a range of special blue light filter glasses made after years of research on the mission to find the best solution to battle the daily life challenges put forth by digital sources of light. They are necessary to filter out the harmful light waves for a good keeping of eye-health.

The major colors which are visible are Blue, green, and red and when they mix they form colors like yellow, white, cyan, white and magenta. 

 (Venn Diagram showcasing mixing of colors)

Well, the function of filter lasses is to completely filter out the blue-color which also takes away the presence of mixed colors (cyan, white and magenta.) Once again, the onlookers will see the base colors when the blue light is filtered out and not the associated mixed colors anymore which would make the Venn-diagram incomplete. 

Practically, this incomplete picture would be better to look at because it would be filtered using the blue light filter glasses for computer, thus blocking the colors coming from potentially harmful wavelengths.

Blue light filters doing the magic

Oiamik glasses are made of a resin material that works the best to safeguard your eyes from blue light. They absorb the light and make it look effortless. The lenses are formed of the yellow-green combination which makes it highly safe and experience thus causing no digital eye-strain and related problems like eye-fatigue, reduces the chances of macular degeneration, and keeps the formation of melatonin intact.

It can be concluded that Oiamik has the best blue light filter glasses range of glasses which should be purchased at the earliest to filter out the blue light and see the pictures as bright and colorful as they originally are.