The kids’ brain development is a crucial phenomenon while he/she grows up, however, is dependent on their exposure to blue light waves. The article explores the possibilities which can hamper the development and the solutions to help the situation.

Health is the most important aspect of one’s life and even more significant in the initial years of life, i.e. the developmental years of a child. Brain development is important for it and it has to be perfect at all stages of growth which will ensure a good life. However, if one goes by some studies it has been pointed out that too much exposure to light sources can cause blue light health effects which are crude for any stage of development.

The changed pedagogy of children from then to now

  • Most of the brain development in a child occurs in the initial five years; therefore it should be kept in mind that the constant exposure to light shouldn’t happen for perfect brain growth. In earlier times, all the child was exposed to is daylight (directly from the sun) and after that only the ambient light to make him read through a book and write on a paper. 
  • While today, the times have changed and the child doesn’t depend only on sunlight as a source of light but all types of lighting. Also, the kids these days not only study from a book or write on a paper only but use all sorts of widgets like digital notepads, tablets, and laptops to read and write.

  • Also, the busy schedule of the kids, in the present day doesn’t allow them to stick to a routine, therefore makes them study even at odd hours like late evening to the nigh time. So, when a child sits in front of a laptop or works on a tablet for hours then it is natural that blue light effect on brain is created too. To understand this better one will have to understand the science behind this one.

The strong blue light affecting brain development

  • Sleep is a very important part of good health, as a good night’s sleep of 6-8 hours makes one fresh and geared up for the day ahead. If the required amount of sleep isn’t taken by the child then it is certain that the child will feel lazy and discouraged all day. This lethargy can be the price that the kid will have to pay further.
  • How does sleep come into the picture? Well, it is a scientific fact that blue light coming out of the devices is high energy light which adversely affects the eye, causing severe eye damage at times, added to this; it also reduces the formation of melatonin which is a sleep hormone. This hormone is the one that let sleep comes without any obstacle. Therefore it is often advised to be in dim lighting from the evening to calm minds which would release melatonin and the sleep would come.

What can be done to avoid exposure to blue light?

The ultimate solution is to wear blue light filter glasses for computer so that this blue light energy doesn’t hamper the formation of melatonin which will let sleep come on time and in a good manner.

Good sleep will ensure that the kids project a motivated and fresh disposition during the day which will let them understand things better and will lead to the healthy development of the brain.