The contemporary world is a place dominated by the constant progress and growth in the field of science and technology. These recent times we live in are dictated by the inventions brought forth by our scientific minds. The range of progress in scientific technology has impacted sectors such as automobile industry, maritime, power, energy, space exploration, computer science, communication etc. The electronic devices and gadgets in this modern world are very extremely part of our day to day lives. The electronic devices such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, iPods etc are all very inclusive part of the modern lives. There is no escape from these gadget in our modern lifestyle. These devices are very inclusive part of most people’s lives be it for personal or professional needs. The first ever eyeglasses which were wearable were invented by a Italian inventor called Salvino D’Armate in the year 1284. The first ever bifocal eyeglasses were invented by the American leader and world renowned inventor Benjamin Franklin.

The electronic devices and gadgets used predominantly in this modern world are our laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets etc. These devices significantly emit blue light wavelength which is very harmful for the human eyes. The blue light has significant issues causing several medical problems. The artificial light that is emitted from these electronic devices causes issues such as sleep deprivation, bad eyesight etc. The field of optometry has significantly developed also in recent times. The material utilised for designing and creating the modern eyeglasses have also significantly developed. The processes used to test eyes, materials for lenses, for frames etc have also significantly developed. Previously for lenses glass was the most preferred material but in recent times plastic and polycarbonate are much significantly in demand for eyeglasses. In recent times, due to the over-exposure to artificial light in the lives of most individuals has led to the invention of the blue light reading glasses.

Oiamik blue light blocking glasses

In this article we will highlight all the essential information regarding the method in which blue light blocking glasses work:

  • Blue Light Eyeglasses
    Blue Light computer glasses are designed to protect eyes from the harmful blue light which is part of normal light and is extensively emanated from most of the electronic devices. Eyeglasses are layered with coatings and materials which work to prevent and protect eyes from the blue light.
  • How is light blocked by blue light eyeglasses
    The science of the blue light eyeglasses is that they are layered with specially designed coatings which restrict the transmission or absorb the harmful aspects from light such as the blue light. The better the technology of the coating, the better the reflective transmission of blue light.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
    The coating layered upon the lenses of the eyeglasses is called normally as anti-reflective coating or anti-glare coating. The reflective coating aides in avoiding the glare emitted by the light from the electronic devices. The coating for computer glasses blue light blocking helps in reduce the strain on the eyes and avoid the effects of harmful light.
  • Latest materials for the lens
    The materials for designing the lenses have developed extensively in recent times. Glass was the most prominent material in previous times. In recent times, plastic and polycarbonate have been extensively been in demand. These latest materials are tensile, durable, strong, and very light in weight.
  • Better health and sleep cycle
    Blue light eyeglasses help avoid the effects of light on eyes, health, and sleep cycles which makes them very important for people in these modern times.