(One should definitely consider cutting the use of digital devices in daily life to ensure better eye health. There can be many preventive measures which one can undertake to avoid blue light impact like screen time reduction, appropriate eye-wear, etc.)

To counter the impact of blue light coming from the digital sources one has to take certain anticipatory steps in daily life. In today’s time, digital platforms have become an indispensable part of life because every task is done on the internet, documentation work on excel, word or power-point when it comes to office jobs. Most of the working population spends the majority of hours of the day working on their desktops. So, the question arises how can you reduce the usage of electronic devices to avoid blue light impact, to stop the blue light damage

There are certain steps one can take to lessen the impact of blue light, as follows:

The key is to limit the screen time

It is mandatory to limit the viewing time on the screens, take note of the number of hours you spend on-screen and apply intermittent breaks to it. For example, if you work for 2 hours, make sure you take time off the computer screen every half hour.

You can use these breaks for taking a stroll on the terrace, having a short chat with a colleague over a cup of coffee, move around and have water. One should make sure that this break should not be about playing a game on a phone or tablet or accessing your social media accounts. The break should be well utilized off the screens!

Avoid using digital devices during the night hours

It is very important to keep a good track of sleep; by keeping the pattern of sleep intact one can ensure good health personally as well as professionally. Whenever the eyes get exposed to blue light emitting from the devices, the brain gets the signal that it is still daytime and so the formation of melatonin (the sleep hormone) is distracted.

When the formation of melatonin is distracted, the person becomes sleep deprived. This causes lethargy at work and a low concentration span at work. So, it is to be ensured that computer glasses blue light blocking should be encouraged during the night hours especially. In case you are addicted to using personal gadgets at night then don’t forget to make them blue-light cut.

Significance of wearing anti-blue glasses

  • The significance of wearing resin lenses is that has a huge capacity to absorb the blue light waves coming from the light source. The range of lightweight Oiamik glasses is a huge success among the people because once to adapt to wearing this you find the difference. They master the art of minimizing all the digital eye strain that your eyes get exposed to.

  • Blue light blocking reading glasses  is advisable to be worn by all the young age folks (children and adolescents) because in this case most of the eye-development takes place. Wearing these glasses will increase the productivity at work thus will enable you to finish the job much before than the usual duration it takes, which means the exposure to the electronic (digital) devices would be reduced.

Therefore, if such measures are undertaken earnestly then one can successfully rule-out the chances of being adversely impacted by blue-light coming from the digital sources. Also, by employing the above-mentioned methods to reduce exposure to screens would be really helpful.