(It is time to realize the importance of using the anti-blue light glasses to resist the destructive blue light waves that enter our eyes to cause all the ophthalmic damage.)

Eyes are those sensitive and precious organs of the human body that act like an anchor, guiding us through all daily activities. Beyond that, it’s the most appropriate medium protecting our whole existence making us see, judge our surroundings, identify the right direction and tell us where we belong.

What is the best you can do for your eyes? It is to provide your eyes with a good protective shield in the form of prime quality anti-blue light glasses– the best caretakers of your eyes. It is a matter of self-responsibility, to save eyes from getting damaged by the harmful waves of light.

Which harmful rays are these?

There are detrimental waves of light present in the natural source (sunlight) and the digitalized media like rays coming out of the laptop, mobile phones, etc. Have you ever seen your 5 years old often blinking their eyes because something irritates them right there when watching TV over playing on a tablet? This squeezing of the eyes occurs when they are being exposed to high-energy waves.

They are present both in the natural atmosphere like sunlight filled with UV 400 rays (making us yearn for sunglasses to completely open our eyes in the sun) and the blue light waves being emitted from the computer screen needing to be beaten up by using the most appropriate computer glasses.

Anti-blue light glasses- best protection for your eyes

Oiamik has a range of anti-blue light glasses which can do wonders for your eyes, as the assortment strives to give you complete protection from the damaging nature of this light. Let’s find out how:

  • The resin material of the lenses made of yellow-green combination is powered with special scientific research behind it. It is advanced with Spectrum Control Technology that makes the glasses resist the blue light waves emitting out of screens.
  • The use of these special blue light blocking reading glasses give your eyes the required break it deserves from the hurtful blue waves. They help the whole human eye system to cope up well against the odds which this light throws at us.
  • These glasses are fixed into lightweight material of the frame (weighs like a feather) that becomes your skin and doesn’t load you up on eyes and nose like those obsolete heavy material glasses. The fashionable prints on the frame ensure having a universal appeal.
  • The special thermoplastic TR90 material makes the legs of the frames so flexible that it can tilt into all angles, thus making the glasses suit every face type.

 Blue-light blockers- the blessing in disguise

  • You cannot imagine, for how long have you been straining your eyes, considering the consecutive number of hours you spend on-screen as you work tirelessly all day. 
  • Most of us experience eye-fatigue and severe headaches but often undermine the situation by generalizing it as a ‘professional hazard’ which eventually takes the shape of a health-hazard.

 The most deserving break that you can gift your eyes is the use of the high-end quality best blue light blocking glasses by Oiamik that will strive to shape a better future for you by increasing your efficiency at work and battling the digital eye-strain without even letting you feel the pain.