The human eye is a very pivotal organ of the human anatomy. The visual prowess of the human eye is significantly vital to the wide array of achievements human beings have achieved throughout our history. It is also an organ that needs utmost care. There are several medical issues related to the human eye which need the resolution to avoid any serious damage. In this regard, the invention of eyeglasses has been an immensely important discovery.

There is no historical clarity regarding the timeline or person who is credited to have to put forth the invention of the eyeglasses. In history, it is learned that around 1000 AD a device known as reading stone was in use as a medium to read. The reading stone simply magnified the reading area when placed on top of the text. The introduction of the first-ever eyeglasses which could be worn is said to have been invented by Italian inventor Salvino D’Armate in 1284. History also informs us that people possess the knowledge of concave and convex lens glasses even during the 17th century.

Concave lenses are an effective solution for issues related to nearsightedness while Convex lenses are an ideal solution for issues related to farsightedness. The legendary American leader and inventor Benjamin Franklin is credited to have invented the first-ever Bifocal lenses. Glass originally was the primal source of material used to create eyeglasses while in recent times modern synthetic materials such as plastic and polycarbonate are intensively in demand for lenses for eyeglasses.

Oiamik is a leading manufacturer for modern-day eyeglasses. Their designs are created by experts in the field and patented in the USA. The company tests all of their products properly before making them available them for sale in the consumer markets. Oiamik uses the best available high-quality material to create their products. The best product designed and produced by Oiamik is their latest Blue Light blocking glasses.

Below are the most salient features of the Oiamik Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

  1. Anti Blue Light

The human eye is most susceptible to damage from blue wavelengths in light. The Oiamik glasses are designed using preferably with Yellow and Green lenses which are essential in effectively blocking the harmful high energy blue light of visible light along with UV 400 harmful rays. These cause a lot of fatigue in the human eyes. Most modern activities revolve around electronic devices which further add stress to the human eyes. The Oiamik Blue Light Filter Glasses are the best options to protect eyes and reduce the stress on them during computer work and television viewing.

  1. Lightweight and Frame

The Oiamik blue light computer glasses are designed using the latest TR90 material from its frame. The frame is very lightweight than most plastic glasses while being twice as durable. The reinforcement of frame with metal hinges adds to the durability and strength.

  1. Multipurpose fitting

The Oiamik computer glasses are designed using the lightweight TR90 frame which can be worn all day long without any stressful feeling. The frame can be bent to be able to fit any size of the face.

  1. Packaging and Accessories

The Oiamik eyeglasses come with a magnetic case, microfiber cloths, tattoo stickers, and anti-blue test pen and a test card inside the parcel. The entire cases and accessories are manufactured using environmentally safe materials.

  1. Warranty

Oiamik offers a 100% money-back guarantee along with a Lifetime Breakage Warranty for all of their products.