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Video Review Campaign Processes

What Can You Get

1. Get a FREE Mouse Pad. (we transfer money to you first via Paypal, then you buy Mouse Pad.)

2. Get a $50 Bonus Reward via Paypal.

What do You Need to Do

(Follow 7 Easy Steps!)

1. Fill in the form with your Name, Contact Email, Paypal Email.

2. After approving your submission, we will transfer money to you FIRST via Paypal within 24 hours, then you click here and then click the “Buy on Amazon” button to buy Mouse Pad on Amazon.

3. After purchasing Mouse Pad, please email us at support@oiamik.com to tell us your order number for confirmation.

4. After receiving Mouse Pad, make an “unboxing” or “how -to use” video of at least 15 seconds.

5. Post an unbiased review with the video on Amazon.

6. Finally, take a screenshot of your video review and send it to support@oiamik.com (important!)

7. After confirmation, you will get an EXTRA $50 Bonus Reward via Paypal within 24 hours.

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*After approving your submission, we will transfer money to you via Paypal to buy Mouse Pad.

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Important Statements

1. One Amazon buyer account can participate only once in this campaign.

2. Only One-time participation.

3. For those who buy Mouse Pad but fail to post a video review on amazon, full product price reimbursement will be wired normally, without any extra reward.

4. All rights reserved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get the $50 reward?

A: For the $50 reward, after you post the required video review on Amazon, please send a screenshot of your video review to support@oiamik.com; we will reward an extra $50 to you via Paypal in the next 24 hours after confirmation.

Q: What are the requirements for the video review campaign?

1). Making an “unboxing” or “how to use”  video review.
2). The video must be of at least 15 seconds in length.
3). Post this unbiased, positive video review for coffee warmer on Amazon..
4). Better with some description about the experience.

Q: What if I purchase the product but fail to post a video review?

A: Sorry, if you can’t post a video review on Amazon,  we are not allowed to offer you an extra $50 reward.

Q: What if I don’t have a Paypal account?

A: Sorry – we can only make transactions via Paypal; we suggest creating a Paypal account.

Q: Can I join this campaign more than once?

A: Currently, you (every Amazon account) can join in this campaign for once only.

Q: Can anyone join this campaign?

A: Not. We will only select the premium customer to join this project. If you are invited into the page by our email, it means we’ve selected you to join the campaign.