Oiamik Blue Light Blocking Glasses Amber pattern 137181

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  • ☀【EFFECTIVE ANTI BLUE LIGHT]】 Oiamik blue light blocking glasses with Yellow-green lens can effectively block harmful high energy visible blue light and UV400 to relieve our eye fatigue especially when watching TV and looking at computer
  • ☀【LIGHTWEIGHT and SECURE FRAME】TR90 material frame makes Oiamik computer glasses only half weight of plastic glasses, and two times durable. Reinforced metal hinges ensure durability and avoid breaking.
  • ☀【SUITABLE FOR ALL FACE TYPES】Lightweight TR90 frame is designed for a whole day wearing without no stress nose,and you can bend the legs or brige to change the shape of frame,you no longer have to worry about the glasses falling off the nose or clamping your head.
  • ☀【PERFECT PACKAGING and RICH ACCESSORIES】Specially customized magnetic gift box that can be used as a glasses case, you don’t need to throw away the packaging, it is environmentally friendly and convenient, and there are 2 microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 interesting tattoo stickers, anti-blue test pen and test card in the box
  • ☀【LIFE WARRANTY】We ensures you 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Breakage Warranty. In case of any broken issues,please contact us without hesitation. We will provide the best service until you are satisfied. You have no risk to try!
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[amazon text=Amazon&cat=local&last=30&wishlist_type=Similar]Why we need filter blue light ?

In life, the sun and the electronic screen will produce blue light.Blue light has a short wavelength of 400-440 nanometers can penetrate the lens of the eye directly to the macular area of the eye, leading to macular lesions and consquently visual impairment.Long exposure to blue light can lead to dry eyes,headaches and depression.

Oiamik blue light blocking glasses will reduce harmful blue light more than 80%.Thus it can prevent dry eyes, headaches, visual impairment, insomnia and other effects caused by long-term without the protection of glasses.

☀What Makes Oiamik Blue Blocker Glasses Unique?

❤Oiamik blue light blocking lens are made of resin material and coated with yellow-green film. It can absorb and cut the harmful high-energy blue light.

❤UV light prevention, Anti-blue-ray lens utilizes special U.S. substrate processing technology to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and block UV light.

❤Transparent lens, the lens was made of a fully transparent base,while maintaining high light transmittance. less reflective, no affect reading, and almost no color difference, which can be perfectly used as computer glasses

❤Stylish and super lightweight frame, give men and women an elegant fit

❤Premium Lens Coating – UV Light Blocking (100% Blocking UVA&100% Blocking UVB)





–Anti-Oil(Fingerprint Resistant)

–Electromagnetic Ray Blocking

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 55.6 × 19.6 × 7.7 in


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