(Special quality of the Oiamik’s blue light glasses is to block the blue light waves from entering the eye which is the main reason behind all ophthalmic issues. The article reflects on three important reasons for using the blue blockers to save your eyes from digital strain.)

All of us at some point in daily life must have realized that our eyes are being strained, there is an itchy and burning sensation, and our eyes are giving up as exhausted? This feeling is certainly different from being sleepy. So this exhaustion in the eyes results in a tired disposition altogether, also known as eye fatigue. The causes behind this situation are both over-viewing the computer or any other digital sources as well as lack of sleep.

Therefore to have a smooth and less tired vision while working on the digital screens, the one permanent solution to it is wearing blue light filtering glasses which have some special qualities that work against the causes of eye fatigue:

The First reason to experience the wonderful features of a blue light special glass

  • The fiber that these lenses are made of has a special coating working at its best to absorb all the harmful blue light waves coming out of the digital screens. These special anti-reflective coatings work perfectly to block those high energy waves which cause digital eye-strain making one feel all worked-up too soon.
  • These glasses have an anti-reflective coating which reduces glare and increases contrast while viewing the screen, thus totally blocking the blue light and let all other colors enter the eye for a clearer view.

The second reason to trust Oiamik blue light glasses

  • The glasses are made up of the yellow lens that is SCT enabled ( Spectrum control technology) that absorbs around 32% of the blue light that comes from the digital source while working, scrolling, watching a video or playing a game. Have you ever measured the continuous hours we were spending on our gadgets without wearing a protective shield? Also, the absence of the use of these glasses must have caused many eye issues like decreased vision (eyesight), myopia and often red/teary eyes.
  • The most common of all symptoms is eye-fatigue which takes a toll on overall health as well. Therefore wearing Oiamik’s specially coated blue light blocking lenses can work wonders for your health minimizing all the chances of tired vision and digital eye strain. They are also UV400 protective lenses that even work well in the sun.

The third unique reason to make use of Oiamik’s blue lenses

  • These lenses will protect your eyes from digital eye-strain and would increase your effectiveness and efficiency at work. How? As these harmful blue light waves won’t get a chance to enter your eyes because of the shield provided by the blue blockers; the formation of melatonin will go undisturbed in your body.

  • The formation of this sleep hormone in the body means a healthy sleep will come and the pattern will be regulated as well. Especially during the night, one should make use of the Oiamik’s blue-blockers while working on computers or any other digital medium. During the night hours the melatonin formation is disturbed, making it very difficult to sleep and the next morning the eye-fatigue will certainly take over. 

Therefore, it can be said that Oiamik’s special lenses are the best blue light blocking glasses to cut the entry of blue light waves in the eye thus eliminating all chances of digital eye strain and resulting eye-fatigue, thus a promising brand to go for.