(The benefits of the Oiamik blue light glasses and how they cut many risks of damage on the eyes. Analyzing how these glasses are truly and factually being the true life saviors in these testing times.)

There are both pros and cons of being on house-arrest, some of us are getting the long-lost comfort of being at home, on the other hand, for many of us it is getting tougher. There is a set of people who must be feeling stuck during this quarantine especially the ones living away from home in a different city or a country. Also, the lockdown has been taking a toll on both physical and mental health of the people, amid all this, Oiamik thought to put some order on the chaos and resolved to make your current lives a bit comfortable even in the smallest ways possible.

The situation around the globe has pushed us to be self-dependent and soon should we learn to lead very minimalistic lives. The question is- even if we cut down on other daily requirements, can we ignore our health needs? No, health is the soul of the body, very crucial, and the driving force of the day, so eye health especially helps to make a good balance.

Work from home comes with a baggage of challenges- long hours of work, uncertain duration of tasks, and countless online meetings. Here are a few queries which have to be addressed to know what obstacles we can face during this quarantine related to our health and the ways to overcome:

Screen time- the real challenge

  • Yes, screen time is the real challenge of having a work-life during the quarantine. You cannot escape the situations or even ignore them to lead a disciplined work life. All that you can do to comply with the work is more work at computers, tablets, or phones. The digital screens have become an inevitable part of our lives. 
  • Gluing our eyes to the screen without a protective shield is like playing with fire. The harmful blue light waves get emitted from the screens and attack the retina of our eye. In worst cases, the macula can get damaged if the exposure is too long and frequent.

  • The damaging blue lights are the high energy waves responsible for most of the eye damage and spread the wings gradually causing pain in the eye, digital eye-strain, eye-fatigue, severe headaches, etc. These health problems will only make life in quarantine depressing, frustrating, and even more challenging.

Oiamik can act as your life-savior against the ‘blues’

  • The range of blue light filter glasses at Oiamik contains the lenses made of resin material coated in the yellow-green film that can absorb about 35% of the harmful blue light waves and overall save your eyes from 80% of the detrimental possibilities.
  • For the late-night workers, there is a special range of these non-prescription glasses- the orange blue blockers that are designed to be worn at the night to beat the blue light waves that can distract your sleep pattern otherwise.
  • The lenses are transparent and maintain higher transmittance levels, they are not reflective, render no difference in the color of the real images, and can be perfect for the computer screens.
  • The quality of these computer glasses is such that they’re anti-glare, anti-scratch; cause no finger-prints on the lens, anti-dust, and easy to wear. They are fitted in the best quality frame which is so flexible and lightweight that you won’t realize something is even resting on your eyes.

Having so many benefits, you rest assured that you would be saved from daily health issues like eye-fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and pain in the eye muscles. Certainly, they are the fighters, the life-saviors you can trust during this tough time in the quarantine.