Another day in the office in front of your PC means another day of staring at your computer screen. In this digital world, we are highly dependent on gadgets. Whether it’s a cellphone, laptop, TV, Tablet or any other electronic device they produce a blue light which is partly harmful to your eyes which may further cause headaches, eye strain, and also can affect your sleep cycle.

With the advancement of technology, we had developed blue light blocking glasses which is highly advanced and is capable to block around 30% of harmful blue lights. Blue light mimics sunlight at its brightest and as the day passes when your body needs to relax it hinders sleep, as per research in the US the experts say blue light tells our brains that it isn’t time to sleep and you continue to use your devices.
Blue light blocking glasses are capable to protect your eyes, the longer time you wear the higher chances you safeguard your eyes from stress, eye strain, and other sleep disorder issues.
Here are the few additional benefits of blue light blocking glasses, let’s find out the advantages-

The connection between Blue Light & Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm is your sleep-wake cycle that is functioned by the amount of light you see. As we know the sun is the biggest source of blue light followed by LEDs and electronic gadgets. If you exposed too much before bed then there are higher chances you will lose your sleep cycle and may lead to further severe health problems. Your circadian rhythm controls your wakefulness which further guides function in your body organs.

Blue Light Filters on Eyewear and Gadgets

There are various advantages of wearing blue ray blocking glasses, many eyewear reputed brands including Oiamik offer blue light blocking glasses which are engineered and precisely crafted with perfection. The brand uses the most advanced blue light blocking technology in each glass we manufacture which ensures the complete protection against harmful rays.

Control Cortisol Release

Cortisol is a hormone involved in many bodily functions, its major functions to keep blood sugar and blood pressure under control. Whenever you take extra stress the extra amount of this hormone is released. When you put on your blue light computer glasses it helps to keep your cortisol level in check else it may expose cortisol level fluctuations.
This glass is specially designed in keeping in mind to give the additional protection to your eyes if you are exposed most of the time in front of your devices.

How it Exclude Blue Light Rays?

When you wear on your eyewear with blue light cutting glass, the blue rays which come towards your eyes- the blue light blocking glass reflects back the blue light and as a result over 30% of the harmful rays do not pass the glass. There is a lot of researches proved that using blue light blocking glasses even just for a few nights can provide you with a positive change and led to the improved sleep cycle.
Oiamik is happy to help you reduce eye strain and keep your circadian rhythm in check in any way we can.