The first ever wearable eye glasses are said to have been created by Italian inventor Salvino D’Armate in 1284. History records show that in around 1000 AD the reading stone was used to read a text by placing them over it. Even in the 17th century, people possessed the knowledge of near-sightedness and farsightedness and concave & convex lenses. The first ever Bifocal lenses are said to have been invented by American leader and inventor Benjamin Franklin.

In recent times, there has been tremendous progress and development in the field of eye wear. In earlier times, the most basic material used for any eye glasses or lenses was glass. But in recent times, modern materials such as plastic and polycarbonate have been very much in demand material for lenses for eyeglasses.

Light is composed of various colors which have a different wavelength and impact on the human eye. In the modern world is dominated by electronic gadgets and devices such as computers, smartphones, televisions, etc. There is no escaping the harmful aspects contained in light. Blue light is the most harmful aspect of light for the human eye. Most electronic devices possess a very heavy range of blue light.

Below are the best blue light blocking glasses in the consumer market in 2019:

  1. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamma Ray is a well-established brand name in the field of manufacture of eye glasses for blue light blocking. The Gamma Ray glasses are designed with a well-balanced combination of usability, durability and style ratios. They are known to block 97% blue light effectively. The frame is light weight, flexible, spring hinged and fits various shapes of heads.

  1. Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Uvex Skyper blue light blocking glasses are designed with great understanding. The computer glasses design is very stylish and effective. The price of the glasses is at a very affordable price at just $8. The Uvex Skyper blue light blocking eyeglasses absorb almost around 98% blue light and can also be worn while sleeping. The frame is very comfortable to wear with the utmost care given to the protection of temples and nose bridges.

  1. Swanwick Sleep Fitover Blue Light Filter Glasses

The Swanwick Sleep Fitover Blue Light Filter Glasses are designed so that they can be worn over any glasses even prescription eye glasses. The Swanwick eye glasses can be worn even during sleep and for any computer based work time. The frame structure is designed using acetate material which provides better strength, light weight, flexible and fits a wide range of face structures. Swanwick also has other versions of blue light filter eye glasses.

  1. Oiamik Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Oiamik Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses protect eyes against blue light and UV 400 reducing the fatigue on eyes caused by working on electronic devices. The Oiamik glasses frame are designed using the latest TR90 material making it very light weight, durable and longevity. The glasses can be easily worn while sleeping and working on computers. The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee along with a lifetime breakage warranty.

  1. Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses

The Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses are designed to reduce the strain of eyes, especially against electronic devices. The glasses are designed to protect eyes against UV radiation, UV 400 and effects of Blue light. The lenses are clear and have no color tinges. The lenses are non-reflective, waterproof, shock resistant and come with a manufacturer guarantee for a lifetime warranty.