(Macular degeneration is a serious problem where macula of the eye is targeted by many factors, thus creating spotted vision/vague sight and can even lead to total vision loss. Here are the preventive measures which can be taken into practice.)

Macular degeneration is a serious condition of the eyes that occur when the eye’s macula is affected adversely. When the macula is at risk, it blurs the vision in the direct line of sight. This might be caused because of heredity or can be acquired because of some environmental factors. Eyes are very sensitive and are the precious organs of the human body that should be earnestly cared for. Some reasons that are answerable for macular degeneration are smoking, high blood pressure, excess body weight and too much exposure to the digital medium that emit blue light waves.

So, there are certain important health practices which can help you out to prevent a serious condition of macular degeneration:

A healthy body makes way for a healthy vision

Harmony among all the body parts should be maintained by keeping the body balanced, like well-ordered weight, good and safe habits like no smoking and a proper nutritional diet. Along with this, it is important to keep eyes safe from the lights that come out from the digital sources.

Using anti-blue light glasses for improved vision

It is imperative to protect your eyes from the detrimental high-energy blue light waves. It can be done by implementing a few changes in daily life, like adapting to wearing the Oiamik’s range of blue cut lenses. These glasses are made of special resin material which is enabled by Spectrum control technology, that’s capable of absorbing 32% of the harmful blue light waves.

These blue light reading blocking glasses by Oiamik are perfect for viewing the digital screens, as the present hour is all about working on computers for something or the other.

Even for many daily activities like sending important messages, emails or transactions one has to stay online for a major part of the day.

Doing so many activities on our laptops, computers, tablets or phones can damage our eye-health if we don’t use the appropriate protective shield for the eyes. Therefore, these reading glasses come for the salvage for all the valuable customers.

Reducing screen time is ‘must’

Another crucial factor is to set a limit while watching or glaring at a digital screen, take some time off after every 45 minutes of computer work. It is suggested that a break time like blinking your eyes, splashing some cold water on eyes, taking a stroll out in the passage or having a small chat with a colleague can help to limit the screen time.

One should refrain from spending the time on his/her phone playing games or surfing through social media accounts in these breaks. One has to know that these cessations have to be “off-the-screen’, it is all about relaxing your eyes away from the injurious high energy waves.

Regular eye-checkup should be sought 

Macular degeneration is an austere and grim health concern that might even lead to the loss of vision if the problem isn’t fixed in time. Therefore, it is often advocated that a regular eye checkup can help in countering this serious ophthalmic condition.

Therefore, the above-cited preventive measures can prove to be very effective practices to diminish the risks of serious eye macular degeneration. All the measures include small lifestyle changes (like wearing a pair of best blue light filter glasses) and more control on the body (healthy eating habits and no-smoking) to keep the eyes healthy and intact.