(There are many lifestyle flaws and some inappropriate habits a human possesses because of which a health issue called macular degeneration is taking over many in today’s time.)

Macular degeneration is a state of the eye where the macula is damaged or degenerated over time which causes loss of vision. A healthy macula determines our ability to read effectively, drive well, recognize faces, being on digital screens, etc all this comes under visual acuity of the eye. The question that arises is what are the macular degeneration causes other than just genetic factors, why would eyes undergo this type of damage?

Well, the clear answer to this is ‘The Digital Age’. A time of laptops and computers, a revolution caused by phones everywhere around us and life feels incomplete without surfing on the internet even for a single day.

Thus, the blue light damages the eyesight of an individual to an extent that it can be lost also, which can put a human in a very unfortunate situation. There are many health and environmental factors which can be elaborated upon to find why such cases of macular degeneration are happening:

  • Having a family history of such an issue

If this lies in the family history of the individual then genetic chances are there that your eye-health can get adversely affected.

  • Ill habit of smoking

Smoking does have an effect on eye-health because certain fumes that come out of tobacco can make the blood vessels thin and narrow because of which proper blood supply doesn’t occur till the eyes, which can cause macular degeneration.

  • Having some cardiovascular issues can affect eye health

It can occur because the flow of oxygen and proper blood circulation to each part of the body becomes a bit tricky for such people, therefore it might lead to some kind of cellular degeneration related to eyes too.

  • Constant exposure to blue light waves

If you work on computers regularly or any other such media like laptops, phones, tablets, etc. Without any protective lenses on, then you are indirectly causing your eyes much harm.

A pair of blue light blocking reading glasses should be worn if your job requires you to stay on-screen and work through the day.

  • Prolong exposure to sunlight

There are ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight which can cause a huge amount of damage in the macula of the eye. Therefore, wearing a pair of UV protection glasses is recommended when in sun to avoid Macular degeneration.

The reasons why there is an increase in macular degeneration cases?

  • Inappropriate food habits

People these days don’t take a good diet which should ideally contain antioxidants, fiber, and food with low sugar, whereas the rise of intake of carbs and bad cholesterol via white flour, fatty foods, fried items and all sorts of junk food has been taking a toll on ophthalmic health.

  • Lack of knowledge about light protective lenses

People feel that if the eye-sight is okay then there is no need to buy any glasses. Well, the truth is eyes are so sensitive that they need protection from the digital platform one works at.

Even if you don’t have an eyesight issue, yet for a good ophthalmic health one should adopt to wearingthe best blue light filter glassesfor preventing any sort of health issues to catch you. On the other hand, they should as well be ready to battle harmful UV rays in the atmosphere.

Therefore making slight changes in routine life can help overcome any such potential threats to the macular.