The human eye is a very important aspect of the human anatomy. The significance of the human eye to the progress and growth of human civilisation cannot be measured against anything. The wide range of achievements humankind has made possible in recent times is significantly immense. The credit for the invention of the first ever wearable eyeglasses can be put forth on Italian inventor Salvino D’Armate in the year 1284. Before the wearable eyeglasses, people used a reading device called the reading stone which was placed on text to magnify them. Even during the 17th century, people possessed the knowledge of optometry which includes the understanding of near sightedness and far sightedness. The scientific terminology for these is the concave and convex lenses. Benjamin Franklin a world renowned politician and inventor invented the first ever bifocal lenses.

The modern world that we live in today is a world dominated by science and technology. The modern times, are dominated extensively by our inventions and electronic devices such as the laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, etc which are very inclusive part of our daily lives. These electronic devices are very inclusive parts of every individuals daily lives be it for personal or even professional uses. The artificial light which are emitted by these electronic devices and gadgets contain blue light wavelength which is harmful for human eyes. But there is no escaping these electronic devices and gadgets. From television to the smartphones the blue light exists and its effects are something which cannot be avoided.

Blue light filter glasses

The field of optometry has developed immensely in recent times. The evolving materials for testing eyes, processes, materials for lenses, materials for frames, etc have all kept evolving. In earlier times, the best available material for lenses was glass but it was very heavy to wear constantly. In recent times, the advancement of materials has led to the use of modern materials such as plastic, and especially polycarbonate. These materials have had great demand in recent times as they are very durable, strong and lightweight in nature. The development of eyeglasses due to the inclusion of these materials has made a lot of positive impact on the protection of human eyes.

The progression of the eyeglasses has led to the introduction and invention of the blue light filter glasses. The blue light filter glasses are in recent times much significant in demand since they are clearly becoming to be considered as a gift for the people involved with the digital world. In this article, briefly, we will provide some basic information regarding the blue light filter glasses:

    • Protection against Blue Light

The effect of blue light wavelength on the human eye as discussed earlier is immensely harmful. It effects several aspects such as the human eyes, sleep cycle among others. The Blue light filter glasses for a computer are designed using yellow and green lenses which eradicate the blue light and protect against the harmful UV 400 harmful rays. They extensively reduce the fatigue on the human eyes.

    • Aids in Better Sleep Cycle

The best Blue light filter glasses in the consumer market are also being prescribed by optometrists for wearing while people sleep. It is known that blue light effects cause the human brain to think that it is still not time to sleep causing sleep disorder diseases.

    • Light in weight

The modern frames are designed with latest materials which make them very tensile, durable, strong and very light in weight for wearing for long periods of time.