Adapting a slight change in your life with the use of blue light blocking glasses will render you a healthier life at work; this will help you achieve better life goals with a happy work life. Let’s throw light on this topic with some significant points.

Blue light waves are the most common rays of light which are present both in natural light as well as in digital sources of light (in quite huge amounts). Well, blue light belongs to the zone of shortest wavelengths and are so high intensity that they can be harmful to naked eyes. Constant exposure to these lights will cause many health issues in the long run, hence, they shouldn’t be entering the eyes frequently or if they have to then a protective shield should be there to absorb them.

Let’s throw some light further on their effect on eyes and how they can further hamper a good work performance:

Time to make changes to achieve a healthy work-life

  • If you belong to an office where you have to work in front of the computer whole day, then you have to be aware of the eye problems which can arise from the constant exposure to the blue light waves.

  • You should try and make some important and quick changes to your lifestyle to ensure you have a healthy office life. This change would be adapting to computer glasses which cater to the correct purpose in mind.
  • The computer glasses have to be of good quality ensuring they do not further cause train on your head, nose, and ears to make you go dizzy throughout.

What do these blue light waves do to your eyes?

  • The strong waves of light are so harmful that looking into the screen with naked eyes cause a lot of stress like eye-pain, teary eyes, dry eyes in some cases, eye-fatigue (which is the most common), sleeplessness(caused by depletion in the formation of melatonin) and macular degeneration if the case is worse.
  • If all these health issues arise for an employee who works on a digital platform in an office for most of the day, then it is sure to happen that ophthalmic health will be adversely affected without the use of blue light filter glasses for computer.

What intervention should be taken to ensure that work performance is enhanced?

  • Oiamik has a range of appropriate glasses that work the best to absorb the blue light waves coming from digital sources like computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. These glasses are neither heavy nor conventionally rigid in the structure which makes these products highly adaptable.
  • These resin yellow-green lenses can absorb the blue light and the UV 400 rays present in the atmosphere. The blue –cut glasses by Oiamik are special, flexible and tough that they are unbreakable and so compact that they can be easily carried anywhere. 
  • The computer glasses blue light blocking by Oiamik’s range of products is a phenomenon that can be achieved successfully because you would want to wear it all day long.
  • These frames are as light as a feather, made of TR90 material they become even more flexible and comfortable as they can be taken into the shape you want according to your face.

Since, these products by Oiamik are so useful, utilitarian, portable and compact, it will be easier to make a change in your lifestyle by adapting to wear them all day. This phenomenon will ensure that your eyes are healthy, therefore enhancing your work performance.