Digital platforms like phones, tablets, laptops and TV screens are impossible to be avoided these days. One way or the other, you will have to survive better, only when you know how to use digital technology. Well, this blessing has turned into a big problem these days because people have been making optimal usage of these devices and even over-using it which is criticized by health experts.

The increased use of gadgets is a bane to the society

  • Not just adults, but children have fallen prey to playing video games, accessing the internet, watching videos for hours because this platform is just so tempting with such colorful and unique features.
  • What the present generation is forgetting these days is the importance of ‘good health’. Health can only be maintained when strict breaks are taken from electronic gadgets, thus reducing the screen time consciously.
  • It is a fact, gadgets have digital screens that reflect high energy blue waves which are extremely harmful to the eyes and can only be blocked by blue light filter glasses.

  • Eyes being the most sensitive part of the whole body are highly vulnerable to the light waves and can only be saved if a pair of good quality blue light-cut lenses is used as an extra layer while interacting with a digital screen.

What exactly is macular degeneration and what are its general causes?

  • It is a common disorder in which the central vision of the person becomes blurred and the direct line of sight is highly disturbed.
  • The initial problems are reflected when a person faces difficulty in reading (that causes extreme eye fatigue and pain in eyes).
  • For older people i.e. age-related macular degeneration, the difficulty arises while driving and even in recognizing faces.
  • It is caused because of the thinning of the macula, which needs more light to discover the view around oneself. This is often a genetic condition but also can be caused by regular exposure to extreme blue light waves.

Blue light waves can accentuate the problem of Macular degeneration

  • Blue light waves are high-intensity light waves that need to be ignored by using appropriate Blue light blocking glasses  which can act as a strong firewall between the light waves and retina of the eye.

  • At Oiamik, you can explore a range of such eyeglasses that have a combination of the green lens to block blue light and UV 400 which is highly fruitful.
  • Moreover, these lenses are so lightweight and made of advanced TR90 material that sets like a feather on your nose and temples which encourages the wearing time of the glasses, unlike those heavy obsolete forms of glasses.

Macular degeneration can be put to halt by the continuous usage of these blocking glasses because cutting blue light waves is most important in this case. Since people use digital media so much (almost 24 hours a day) it should be taken into practice to take intermittent breaks while at work.

Moreover, the blue light waves also hamper the formation of the sleep hormone called melatonin, which further acts as an obstacle in prevailing sleep patterns. Disturbed sleep leads to imbalanced metabolism, resulting in gradual damage to the body also, apart from just eyes.