It might sound strange to some people how lack of sleep is related to blue light lenses. Well, this is a fact that blue light lenses hold a great science behind them and do everything that your eyes need to stay healthy in the longer run. The blue light in the atmosphere has the shortest wavelength and has the highest energies, which are enough to damage our eyes if we get exposed to it for a long time. So, these blue light waves are also present in digital screens and LED s, which are an inevitable part of our lives can prove to be damaging in nature.

This is the reason many people suffer from eye fatigue, as they get exposed to computer screens and phone screens the whole day and it leads to symptoms like pain and irritation in the eye. Therefore, blue light blocking lenses have been invented and so far they have been acting as a savior for many. Also, the sleep loss is natural to happen with the continual exposure to blue waves as they hamper the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone), thus adding to insomnia and related anxiety.

Let’s see how Oiamik’s blue light cut lenses work to bring respite from sleep loss and eye fatigue:

Blue cut lenses can successfully stop blue waves from hitting your eyes

This innovation is a blessing in the field of Ophthalmology, and it is so simple to adapt, which doesn’t require any extra effort begin with. As pointed before also, that longer exposure to blue waves straight-away affects the innermost layer in the retina, therefore one shouldn’t compromise on investing in a pair of best blue light blocking glasses soon.

These blocking glasses might not cure the already caused damage but at least will put a full-stop to the potential threats these unwanted lights can cause to your precious eyes. These blocking glasses have yellow-green glass which prevents harmful light rays and UV 400 that combats eye fatigue.

Lightweight nature makes it a fun item to wear all-day

Sometimes the weight of the spectacles is so much that it makes you uncomfortable the whole time. Oiamik’s range of blue light blocking reading glasses is a premium quality collection which can be explored, to relish your work hours without making your health suffer. It’s high-end quality and feather-like fit will make you stay up, thus killing all the eye fatigue.

These glasses are the best option to look up to, if you want to stay up and geared up the whole day, these lenses are perfect to cut all the blue light and let the melatonin form normally in rhythm with your body, thus assuring you a good night’s sleep. So, it can be said that this progressive step shall be encouraged when it comes to doing justice to your work life.

Moreover, these lenses by Oiamik also comes in an array of shapes sad sizes, enabling one to have a customized experience like ‘to each his own’. Therefore, it is the right time to bid goodbye to fatigue and sleeplessness with this wise choice you soon should make.