Blue light waves are really harmful to a naked eye and especially the ones who focus on digital work continuously for hours without a preventive tool. The exposure causes the deformation of melatonin, creating a distorted sleep pattern.

The blue light waves those high energy waves which have the shortest wavelength in the whole spectrum as they are emitted by the digital sources of light. These lights have the highest intensity and energy which is not safe for viewing with naked eyes. Therefore, computer glasses are advised, especially while working on any digital platform.

These light waves are extremely harmful to the retina of the eye and can cause many ophthalmic issues like eye-fatigue, weakness of the eye muscles, pain and irritation in eyes, dry-eyes, macular degeneration too, if the exposure is continuous and very high.

Since the blue light effect on eyes is so strong and adverse; it also has the capacity to distract the hormonal form of melatonin that is responsible for the formation and acceleration of sleep in the human body.

Let’s find out how blue light can halter sleep patterns:

  • The reason you feel sleepy is darker environments is because there is naturally and artificially no blue light present in darkness. The blue light waves are not just there in the digital sources of light but also in the natural sunlight.
  • When the light sources are shut and only a soothing dim-lit atmosphere is formed one starts feeling sleepy and lazy because at that time melatonin is formed. This causes healthy sleep and so in the morning when the natural light enters the atmosphere melatonin is again distracted to wake people from sleep.

  • With the distraction in the formation of melatonin not just a day’s sleep goes for a toss but sleep patterns are also shaken because the blue light effect on eyes further causes many health issues which can be totally detrimental for good health.

 Consequences of disturbed sleep patterns:

  • Sleep patterns when disturbed makes a person go lazy and a sleepy head all day, the one who is sleep-deprived and irritable all the time.
  • An altered sleep pattern will make the person stay awake with less enthusiasm, low work shows up and frequent nasty behavior.
  • The distracted sleep pattern will make it even more difficult for a person to sleep at night because it will keep the mind at unrest and many thoughts will cross the mind till late night, interrupting with sleep.
  • An unregulated sleep pattern will subsequently make the person feel low because it will cause other hormonal issues too. This can further show up on skin, hair and on mental health too, in the long run.

Why not try and save yourself when you can take the crucial precautionary measures by wearing the best blue light blocking glasses by Oiamik. These glasses are made of a special yellow-green lens which is responsible for absorbing the high energy blue light waves and also save one from UV 400 in the atmosphere.

At Oiamik, these glasses are made of special thermoplastic TR90 material which keeps it flexible, the legs of these lenses can be adjusted to any angle. Therefore, these glasses can be easily fitted on all face types as there is a huge collection available in distinct shapes. Once you gear up for the work with these glasses, blue light waves can be handled subsequently regulating your sleep pattern.