Though indirectly but blue light waves do have a connection to making your health issues rise to the levels of depression and anxiety. Let’s have a reality check and embrace this habit of wearing glasses.

Lack of sleep can have drastic effects on health

Lack of sleep has to be blamed for many health issues, for example, headaches, fatigue, inactivity, laziness, mood swings, lack of concentration and much more. The sleeping pattern is very important when it comes to keeping good health, as inadequate sleep can cause extreme health conditions like obesity, skin problems, medical depression, and anxiety too. 

Many of us often complain of having long work hours, short while to spend time with family that makes life unhealthy and doesn’t keep the human relationships at peace or in harmony as the mind, soul, and body remain distributed at individual levels. So, it is time to stop and find the root cause of the issue.

Inadequate sleep can cause depression

The clear answer becomes ‘SLEEP’. Since the mind runs the body and both of them function tirelessly when indulged in daily activities, enough charging up of the mind and body are required and that will be achieved by a regular sleep pattern of 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Sadly, those who don’t take this much sleep, suffer this health condition out of which Depression is extreme.

What causes a lack of sleep?

The prime reason for lack of sleep is ‘long and stressful time at the office’. The long working hours at the office, sitting glaring into the desktop, without wearing Blue light filter glasses for computers is the reason behind this extreme health condition.

There are harmful blue light waves that are present in the rays coming out of computer screens which can adversely affect the vision if not cut before it’s late. The blue light waves are responsible to disrupt sleep by hampering the formation of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

The salient features of Oiamik’s blue cut lenses:

  • These glasses are made of special protective material having a yellow-green lens that makes them a great pair of glasses as you work on computers.
  • They can absorb those rays as well as UV 400 rays from harming your invaluable eyes. Thus, making you work on digital platforms tirelessly, therefore enhancing your performance at work.

  • These lenses come in a special thermoplastic frame which makes these glasses light in weight and it feels like skin. These are the best Blue light filter glasses that do not cause any heaviness on temples and nose.
  • The productivity at work increases as they do not let the blue light waves enter your eyes which saves you from suffering through eye-fatigue and pain and eyes.
  • If you won’t feel tired and exhausted at work because of these glasses, you will naturally get good sleep at night because the formation of melatonin shall be normal which will not cause you lack of sleep.

The habit of wearing computer glasses can do wonders to your health

  • Holding the grip of the problem is crucial, and after having diagnosed the problem it becomes important to follow the solution.
  • Well, working on the desktop can be magical with these amazing and highly useful blue light computer glasses, as they would save the exposure to the harmful blue light waves.
  • This habit will make the health issues fade away because you will, in turn, get a healthy sleep pattern and this way depression can be easily battled off the grounds.