Wearing glasses is important while gaming as they protect your eyes from the harmful blue waves which can damage your eye severely, therefore this habit of gaming shouldn’t stop but playing with naked eyes should.

Gaming is an activity in which one takes up often to take a break from routine work. While with the ubiquitous presence of social media applications, most of the people surf through their accounts on social media, some will find solace in gaming. Gaming is usually popular with the younger generation like adolescents, who often spend break hours playing a game or two on their gadgets.

Since it is a fact that screen time should be regulated and restricted, yet it so happens often that children and youngsters do not take precautionary measures and do spend a lot of time on-screen. However, let’s check out how wearing blue-light computer glasses will make this phenomenon of playing games easy and why gamers should wear them:

Gamers should wear glasses to make the break worth it

anti-blue light glasses

What kind of a break would it be if it doesn’t protect your eyes and rather turn out to be harmful? If you often take a tea break or a nap brake from your digital schedule then it’s a cool idea but it is so strange if you take a digital break again.

  • It only means you are dividing your screen time between on-screen work and digital gaming. So, if your breaks mean playing a game on your tablet or phones then make the break worth it by wearing blue light blocking glasses.
  • Also, playing a game one looks very carefully on the screen and the eyes are exposed to many bright colors which can rather affect your eyes with a lot of strain.
  • The glasses will interfere with the ‘quality’ of the break time, so to make it all worth it; one should try and wear the anti-blue light glasses while playing games because it eliminates the harm that can be caused because of the waves.

Gamers should wear glasses to avoid eye-fatigue and headaches

  • The continuous exposure to blue light waves can cause eye fatigue and headaches because it gives your eyes strain. The experience of playing games should be light and fun, instead of loading you up with stress that causes eye-fatigue.
  • It should be a habit to wear computer glasses that feel your skin, which Oiamik glasses which are made of special thermoplastic TR90 material, which is lightweight and doesn’t clamp on the nose and ear lobes, that otherwise can cause headaches.
  • If the frames will be as light as feathers, it will come very handy to the gamers; they can flaunt the charm of the glasses as well as keep away headaches that accompany non-stop gaming.

 best blue light filter glasses

Gamers should wear glasses to not let macular degeneration take over

  • Over time, with the frequent use of digital platforms and resulting in increased screen-time, its side effects on the eye are inevitable. The direct and frequent exposure to computer screens can damage the retina of the eye severely.
  • With this process, the vision is further disturbed and diminished which is called macular degeneration. It might affect one during childhood therefore interventions shall be taken into account.
  • Oiamik glasses are made of a special combination of yellow-green lenses which protects eyes from being damaged. Therefore, the best blue light filter glasses that you can buy which will give your eyes full-protection while you game.

These are the three most important reasons why gamers should wear Oiamik glasses.