(Blue light waves are harmful and have been causing serious health concerns with prolonged exposure with naked eyes. The advent of blue light blockers has proved that they are the best shield to protect eyes from digital eye-strain and other eye problems. Thus, the article further explores the reasons behind their increasing massive popularity.)

Those are the bygone times when visiting an eye care center for vision-related problems were a matter of serious concern. Gradually it has stopped being alarming because of the rise in the number of people who wear eyeglasses. Rather, people have acquired an increased liking for anti-blue light glasses(non-prescription glasses) that’s trending along with prescriptive glasses.)

Wearing vision lenses is important but what is more revolutionary in this field is the role of blue light lenses. The blue light filter glasses are gaining high popularity among the masses because they play the role of being a defensive shield for your eyes from blue light waves.

What are blue light waves and how is it cut by wearing blue cut glasses?

The blue light waves are the high energy light rays being emitted from digital devices like laptops, tablets, iPad and mobile phones. These light waves are extremely harmful when exposed to naked eyes causing severe eye-fatigue, pain in the eye muscles, headaches that turn into a migraine and macular degeneration in the long run.

A pair of good quality glasses work wonders to absorb the detrimental light waves from attacking our eyes. They are made of special material that can combat the high energy of these waves which are hostile for the eye as well as overall health.

The increasing popularity of anti-blue glasses over the masses

Oiamik is one such reliable brand that is making the best blue light blocking glasses for all age groups thus encouraging their usage from the developmental years of one’s life. Let’s find out the main physical characteristics of blue light blocking glasses by Oiamik to know more about their importance and popularity: 

  • These glasses are made of the yellow-green lens that provides a soothing view of the computer screen, during the continuous working hours, these glasses help to elude all the digital eye-strain and you end with great output at work.
  • Oiamik glasses are made of lightweight TR90 material which is a dynamic and flexible frame that keeps the glasses stay-on ensuring great comfort for the whole day. They weigh as light as a feather which is a unique property that boosts their usage. Moreover, available in many wonderful colors and prints which is an appealing pick.

  • The hinges are so flexible that they can be easily adjusted on the nose and ears without making them fall on the nose. Thus, making them suit every face type- round, square or pear-shaped.
  • Oiamik glasses come with great packaging and accessories tattoos for fun, super elegant magnetic box and blue light test card.

People today have great health concerns and have been taking care of their bodies more than ever before, from joining gyms and yoga classes for weight loss to shielding eyes from the dangerous digital light waves with a pair of computer glasses. The fact is lying bare in many articles, flyers, advertisements, and magazines about the adaption to wearing special glasses to battle out blue light. Hence, they are gaining great popularity over the masses for the right reasons.