Oiamik’s blue light blocking glasses are high-quality glasses that are a mix of the yellow-green film which helps to absorb blue light waves. Since these harmful waves are responsible to interfere with sleep and this disturbance is enough to cause headaches and stronger migraines.

The blue light blocking glasses by Oiamik is a great choice to make if you wish to have a healthier and happier work life. Often it happens that because of long working hours people do face a lot of eye-related issues like muscle pain and eye-fatigue. When this problem is diagnosed but not treated it takes shape of even severe health problems like strong headaches which change into migraines. Oiamik’s special TR90 material framed lenses can be said to be the best blue light filter glasses to battle all odds.

What is a migraine?

  • It is a stinging sensation of throbbing pain on one side of the head, which causes tremendous sensitivity to the atmosphere with light and sound. It is even seen that people who suffer from migraines are often nauseatic and everyday activities get highly affected.
  • The pain is so terrible that it can even stretch on for hours and days to follow. Migraine is a condition that is hard to avoid because of prolonged hours of working on computers, exposure to lights, demanding circumstances and inability to cope up with work conditions.

  • This condition can be avoided if one makes use of Blue light blocking glasses while working on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. These gadgets emit blue light waves that have the highest energy and harm the eyes in every possible way.

What connection does blue light have with Migraines?

  • Well, in migraine the one root cause is stress and exposure to detrimental light waves. Both the conditions arise when one works on a digital platform without taking a necessary precaution like wearing a blue light blocking reading glasses. This condition, however, can worsen with an excessive work-life that gives you nervous tension.
  • Blue light waves being emitted from a digital screen have the shortest wavelength in the whole spectrum and the highest energy. The amount of energy, therefore the intensity, of this light wave is so high that it harms the retina and can even lead to permanent damage. In the process, the eye-muscles become weak and cause eye-fatigue in routine.

  • If this contact to the blue light waves keeps increasing then the whole nervous system also becomes prone to illness. The whole metabolism also gets affected because of the little issues that start occurring. The metabolism affects the immunity and it allows fevers, headaches, migraines, and depression to take hold of your body.

Blue light waves are also responsible to hamper the creation of melatonin (the sleep hormone). This leads to irregular sleeping habits which cause serious health problems and migraines being very common.

Therefore, it is crucial to know about the utmost need for Blue light blocking glasses, having a unique quality to absorb the blue light waves and make the experience of working on the digital media safe for you, keeping migraines at a distance.