We cannot imagine a day without smartphones, tablets, computer screens, laptops in the present hour. The digital usage is ubiquitous- schools, colleges, offices, restaurants, travels and homes, you name a place and it wouldn’t seem to be untouched by this revolution. The more their presence, the more it fetches people towards itself. Be it, kids, youth or grown-ups, nobody is far from or alien to the digital world.

The closer the two are getting, the wider is the effect of computer screens on the eyes of the people. Scientifically, there is a hormone called melatonin that is responsible for the regulation of sleep in the human body. Earlier when the world was not invaded by technology and people didn’t get much exposure to blue light in the atmosphere, the sleep timings were stable and ensured a healthy lifestyle.

While today, the situation has turned upside down, where people are exposed to light and subsequent exposure to blue light waves is inevitable. Therefore, damaging the eye and causing eye-related issues like eye fatigue and sleep loss are common issues which in the long run can cause various metabolic and hormonal disorders. This directly affects the lifestyle of a person and hampers one’s efficiency and productivity at computers.

You should consider wearing blue light computer glasses if you often get headaches and feel the strain on your eyes while working. With these computer glasses on you, you definitely won’t have to go close to the screen and stress yourself even more. There are many types of vision glasses like a single vision glass which is best to use for any age.

Also, there are some computer glasses especially for occupational usage, which is recommended for those who have to do huge or bulky tasks at computers like presentation, designing and color-related stuff that requires deeper observation on the screen.

Oiamik glasses can help you in many ways to beat the results of prolonged exposure to digital gadgets in many ways:

  • Oiamik’s are special blue light computer glasses that are brilliantly comprised of a yellow-green lens that can easily block the high energy visible blue light and UV 400. This quality is great enough to block those waves and make a comfortable screen time.
  • The next USP of these glasses is that they are so lightweight, that you do not feel heaviness on your temples and nose. This way, unlike those conventional heavy frames you do not feel a headache while focussing on the computer screens.

  • In the rich magnetic packaging of these glasses you buy from Oiamik, you will get an anti-blue test pen and test card in the box, which is reassuring that this concept works.
  • These are the best blue light block glasses that come with a 100% money-back warranty and Oiamik also accepts the broken glasses with its Lifetime breakage insurance. Therefore, there is no harm in trying them on, when you know your invested money is no liability but an asset.

These were certain benefits of having these special glasses by Oiamik to save you from sleeping issues and eye-related problems for maintaining better health and lifestyle.