The health issues these days arise because of some lifestyle flaws one indulges in and the result is problematic. For females, an unhealthy lifestyle like long working hours at a computer without a blue cut lens can adversely affect sleep patterns which result in reproductive hormone issues.

Let’s look here in detail to know how this can be taken care of:

The hormonal condition in a body is mostly dependent on a person’s lifestyle, the habits, the sleep patterns, the way of eating and drinking. It is therefore important to have a healthy lifestyle in case you have to remain fit and fine. These days it is seen that women lead the corporate environment and are present in all types of jobs, and especially being in the technological industry, most of the work they do requires long hours of working at the laptops or related digital devices which has serious blue light effects.

Let’s find out what affects the ophthalmic as well as the other crucial facets of women health:

  • It is seen that being indulged in the long working hours requires sitting and not a frequent movement. Therefore, here the physical health issues arise like immobility of the body and subsequent weight gain.
  • A longer screen time would mean total exposure to blue light waves emitting from the digital media which is high energy that it directly affects the ophthalmic health. The high energy waves affect the retina, muscles of the eye and cause eye fatigue.
  • This prolonged vicious circle of staring in the screen and constant sitting hour’s club together to make a person unhealthy and immobile which leads to laziness in the body.
  • Once a woman acquires a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle then surely, her hormones will get affected because of the excessive weight gain. Because of the laziness, the person will always feel sleepy and discouraged to work even in the initial hours of the day.
  • Also, the naked eye exposure to the digital screens will have blue light side effects like pain in the eyes, teary eyes, dry eyes, and also the presence blue waves distract the formation of melatonin which is the sleep hormone.

  • Once this sleep hormone formation is hampered, the usual sleep pattern will get affected causing more lethargy which will be an add-on to the weight gain laziness. Together it will absolutely affect the hormonal conditions which can have an adverse effect on the reproductive health of women.
  • The reproductive health includes symptoms like a disturbed menstrual cycle, mood swings, skin breakouts and infertility in some cases. Therefore it becomes quite significant to keep a track of sleep which in turn decides a healthy way of life for

How can women beat blue light blues for a healthier life?

Oiamik’s anti-blue light glasses are the first adaptive change that shall be considered to start a healthy routine. Blue light blocking reading glasses will prove to be a powerful tool to combat the effect of blue light on women who have to devote a major part of their day to digital life.

Also, another change that can be made in life is cutting the screen time, to make sure it happens it is important for women to take intermittent breaks like tea break, a refreshing walk outside in the fresh air, meditate for 5 min, etc. These small breaks would bring bigger changes resulting in a major lifestyle change.

Therefore, a combination of wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses in front of a digital media and regular breaks will keep a healthy hormonal activity inside a female body.