There is still a mystery behind the source of blue light waves and how does it affect the eyes, this article thus clears the air and gives you a better picture throwing some light on the facts behind the blue light and protective lenses.

Blue light is one of those light rays which are emitted from the light sources. This one is having the shortest wavelength and stores a bunch of high intensity and energy. Therefore, being exposed to it with naked eyes can turn out to be harmful. However, some existing myths have to be challenged by proven scientific facts.

Let’s address those myths and facts here to get a clear picture of Blue light:

Myth: Blue light is only emitted from digital screens


Well, with the advent of technology and the prevailing knowledge across the world people only think that the energy-packed blue light comes from the digital screen only. So, let’s bust this myth and spread the word that originally blue light is all time present in the natural sunlight.

The spectrum formed by natural light also contains these harmful rays which can certainly cause blue light eye damage when one stays out in the open with naked eyes. Therefore, a protective shield is required there too. Oiamik has a wide collection of these yellow-green lenses which are anti-blue light as well as absorb UV 400 rays.

Myth: Nothing can stop blue light waves to enter your eyes


Thankfully, this statement is a myth, as many traditionalists would believe that nothing will happen to your eyes in any way while exposed to the sun. Don’t you wish to challenge this myth, with the fact that why so many old people undergo cataract? Yes, because all their life without using a proper tool to protect their eyes they have harmed themselves.

The blue light effect on the eyes can be reduced by adapting to wearing blue-cut lenses daily. Not just in front of a digital screen but also while being in the sun to hamper their entry inside your eyes.

Myth: Eye fatigue or pain in the eye-muscles means your lens number is changing (increasing)


Constant exposure to blue light waves is extremely harmful to eyes and often causes eye fatigue and pain in the eye muscles. Those who don’t protect their eyes with a good pair of blue light blocking reading glasses while working on a computer, it can prove to be highly troublesome for them.

So, protecting your eyes while working on a digital platform is the only solution that can keep your ophthalmic health intact. This habit of wearing these glasses should be instilled from childhood itself because keeping children away from mobiles, laptops, tablets, and computers in next to impossible. 

In the present digital age, it will be good for us as soon as we realize the significance of these protective lenses and what benefit we all would harvest later in life if we put a stop to let the harmful blue light waves enter our eyes. The best blue light filter glasses by Oiamik come in cool and colorful frames that just weigh as light as a feather and won’t cause any trouble if you wear it all day long. Therefore, no need to compromise on style and you won’t have to wear an obsolete looking glass to avoid the blue light waves.