Blue light waves are the unsafe light waves and the exposure to them is full of health risks. Therefore, the usage of the protective shield is necessary for the form of blue blockers to save your eyes.

How many hours a day are you exposing your eyes to the digital screens? You might say that you spend some 7-8 hours on a computer working at the office and not the rest of the day. Well, rethink your statement and also count the number of hours you spend surfing on your phone or tablets for personal stuff without making use of clear blue light glasses. The growing dependency on phones for using instant messengers, accounts (finances, social media, etc.), health applications and trackers, one’s whole life is fit inside the gadget which is as essential as breathing.

Even if one goes out of the house to do errands like buying a loaf of bread, one cannot go out without his/her phone because you would be using the phone to pay to the shop owner. Be it an amount as low as $1. People are totally dependent on their phones. Bur, have you ever wondered that being glued to your phones at all times means you are risking your eyes continuously for so many hours a day. So, the question is what is the solution for this issue? Well, the answer is wearing anti-blue light glasses while interacting over any digital medium.

Let’s find out how these glasses act as a great shield for your eyes:

Why counter blue light waves?

It is very crucial to wear a protective shield while on a digital platform because from the whole light spectrum the blue light waves are the high-intensity waves which are high-intensity waves. They are so high energy that they pierce into the retina thus causing many eye problems in the long run. Among some ophthalmic problems lie eye-fatigue, headaches, and macular degeneration.

Oiamik’s blue light blocking lenses ensuring a perfect shield for eyes

Oiamik’s blue light protection glasses are made of the cutting edge U.S technology which effectively blocks 35% harmful light waves from the digital screen.

Moreover, the lens coating reflection technology makes these glasses anti-reflective thus making for a clearer vision than any other clear glasses available in the market.

Since the blue light arriving the eyeball through the lens is abridged thus making the white color turn into the yellow tint.

The light yellow lens is power-packed with Spectrum Control technology absorbing the harmful blue light waves coming from laptops, iPad, phones and tablets.

When lighting in the room is dim, the view isn’t disturbed as you wear computer glasses which will adjust to the lighting and won’t make your eyes feel fatigued, strain and pain in the eye muscles, therefore working enhancing your performance at the workplace, making you more efficient than ever before.

Moreover, the daily usage of the protective shields also depends on its weight and texture too. So, with Oiamik’s eye accessories rest assured that they are made of modern TR90 material which weights so light that you would hardly feel a thing lying on your nose and ears. 

These lightweight glasses come with super-flexible hinges that adjust according to your face type to render you optimum comfort. 

Therefore, all the points should be considered and thought of to encourage the usage of these protective blue light blocking reading glasses for the folks of all ages to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.